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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Democrat VS Republican?

Democrat VS Repubublican

This site is about the differences between the two parties. It may be especially useful during this election and since they seem to be campaigning almost all the time, so it can serve as a reference of what the democrat party is all about. Each party has their own nuances that make them different but in theory are supposed to be acting as agents of the people. The topics and information here will be focused on Democrats while on another blog republican vs democrat will be focused on Republicans. On both sites the information will tend to be impartial as possible with holding judgement but ultimately at the end, I will give a synopsis of why I think they both stink. Do not serve the best interests of the American people and both seek to serve themselves, their party, and the power brokers that really put them in power.

Currently the Democratic President, Barack Obama is up 6 percentage points according the latest CNN poll coming out of the democratic national convention. Will it hold up is the question. If this were an election that focused, as was the second term of Bill Clinton, on "Are you better off now than 4 years ago" than the answer would probably be know. As much as Bill Clinton is still a driver of democratic politics and still gets the base to come out, I believe Obama is in many ways a more galvanizing personality to core democratic values. Sure people remember Bill fondly today, but many at the time I remember many at the time really didn't like that he made it difficult to defend him among friends. I would also say that since the economy was much better even when he walked into office during a recession compared to the great recession we have now. At no time did it ever reach 8%, there was a high in 1992 at 7.5% which quickly went down to 5.6% by 1995. It has been solidly above 8% during Barack Obama's since he took office. Which to me says a couple of things. One that Democrats are more engaged during down times. Two that Obama must have a more dedicated following. I would say that about most people but probably more so Democrats, since tend to push the idea of social justice more so than Republicans.
At this time some of the biggest issues on the table seem to be the national debt, expiring tax cuts, and job growth. Many other issues usually discussed during election season are taking a back seat to these issues. Foreign policy and education are two that are usually at the fore front but in this environment seem to take a back seat.